Monday, May 20, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

I usually go to the thrift store once a week.  It's important to go on a regular basis to make sure you don't miss any of the good stuff! Here are a few of the treasures that I found today.

These large plates were 75 cents a piece.  I love them and I'm 99.9% sure Adam will love them too(can't ever be positive).  Anything tribal and I'm usually pretty much in.  These will go in our new house.

I am planning on cutting both of these little plaid tops into crop tops.  They have buttons all the way down the back and were $2.  Will be wearing these this summer with high waisted shorts and high waisted skinnies.

This floral vest caught my eye.  I am planning to take the sleeves off and wear it as a long vest with shorts this summer.  I will post a DIY when I find the time to get this done.

I am a total sucker for a vintage belt.  THE STRIPE ONE IS FANTASTIC! I like the other one too.. I can't wait to wear these.  Belts are a great way to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe.  A patterned one can make an outfit so much more interesting.

I found lots of good high waisted jeans/shorts to cut off.  I only have one pair of cutoffs that fit so I needed to get some.  I pretty much live in these in summer.  I will post some before and afters of these soon.  I also got just a plain wooden frame.  I needed one more for the chalkboard cluster I am making for the new house.  Details to come on that too!

The candle holders, books, and white bowl are things I am collecting for our wedding next year.  The colors of the books were perfect!!!! I need to find more white ones, though.  That's my goal for the next thrift trip.

 I am excited about this plate.  I certainly had to wash it... but it's worth it! I am going to add it to my collection for the dining room wall in the new house.  Now I have to find some plate holders.

I found some overalls!! They are extremely hard to find around here.  I will post some pictures of how they turn out.  I am going to alter them in some way-- probably involving bleach.

I thought I would share some other items I have collected for the wedding thus far (these are all vintage/thrifted items):

Vintage hankies, piles of doilies, LOTS of vintage lace, teacups and saucers, bronze candleholders and goblets and tons of books-- I can't wait to see how it all comes together!


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