Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's been a while

Hey guys!

Geez! It has been quite a while since I posted an outfit post last.  I have been crazy CRAZY busy starting my new company.  I'm proud of how everything has turned out so far and I am in love with our merchandise.  I am going to try and incorporate it into my style posts from now on.  Having your own clothing store is like having one big fun closet of clothes to try on!

Here is what I have been doing lately:

Styling and photographing crazy awesome outfits for  I love our models- it's a fun job anyway but having fun models makes it 100 times better.

 I have been styling and photographing our lookbook shoots too.  Equally as fun.

I am super excited for our first Style Revel Party-- it's November 5 so don't miss it!  We have Tara from  Her collection is fabulous- I can NOT WAIT for everyone to see it.  

Things haven't been ALL work around here.  We brought Dave home with us-- which has made things pretty interesting around here. 

He's probably the craziest, spunkiest cat on the planet (hence the battle wound on his left ear--there is no telling how that one got there).  He keeps me company while I'm working in the office and Adam is at school.

Speaking of Adam-- I haven't shared any of our engagement pictures! Here are some of my favorites. Our photographer was Amelia Patterson- shes fab.

I can't wait to get married to that man.  He has been extremely patient with me through everything.  I have heard people say starting your own business is tough on a relationship bc you are literally married to your job.  It helps so much to be with someone who shows a genuine interest in what I am doing and supports me 100%.  If I'm negative, he is positive.  If I work until midnight, he doesn't mind.  If I can't get around to making dinner, he does it.  Blessed and blessed.

Ok... so on to my first Style Revel styled outfit!!  I chose my favorite dress from the site-- the checkmate dress--find it here. I love anything black and white right now and I REALLY love anything in a checkerboard pattern.  I love to mix prints and the elephant kimono(find it here) went perfectly.  The check is small enough for me to be able to pair the two.  Pattern mixing is always a good idea IF one of the patterns is subtle enough and if there is at least one color to link the two.  My boots are Jeffery Campbell- you can find them here

Sorry about the lack of posts-- I am going to do better from now on. Promise.  I am blogging over on the style revel blog as well. So follow there too!  Here is a link to my last post (link in photo)

Until next time,