Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans

My boyfriend jeans came in!!!! EEEK. I have been looking and looking for some that fit really well. I got these from Gap and they were on sale for $44.  No complaint there.  You can find them here.  Here is the first way I chose to style them.  I will be wearing these a lot in the months to come so be prepared to see them again!

The only thing I am unhappy with is that I wish they had more rips/distressing.  They probably will have more next time you see them.. I am planning to rough them up a little bit.  

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I went home this past weekend.  It's always a good feeling especially if I haven't gotten a chance to go back in a while.  It's so funny because sometimes when I go home I feel like a whole different person.  Perfect example, I can NOT drive to Yazoo City without putting a Jason Aldean song on in the car.  I don't listen to country music really any other time.  I never even noticed this about myself until Adam pointed it out.  It's funny how your significant other can show you things about yourself that you never would have realized.  Sometimes it's little things, like the song in the car, and sometimes it's bigger things-- things that are hard to hear at times.  They make you grow as a person though.. and they let you know that God brought that specific person into your life to show you these things and to help mold you into someone better.  

I love big cities-- the wide variety of people, things to see, and experiences that they can expose you to.  I value being open minded and I think the more people and places you see the more open minded you become.  But, there is something so wonderful about the south.  I wouldn't change being raised in a small Mississippi town for anything in the world.   There are the obvious reasons-- wide open spaces, good people, loads of history and heritage, sweet corn (and sweet tea), and a slower, unhurried feeling that makes everything feel more simple.  

There are so many other little things that make being southern so darn good.  My dad is a farmer.  I can't even imagine having a dad that came home in a suit every night-- not that wearing a suit is a bad thing-- but I think watching him work day in and day out with his hands for every single thing he has earned really taught me a lot.  He has been extremely successful and I owe my ambition to him..  When I find myself putting in extra hours at the store and a 40 hour work week turns into 60, I think about my dad's work week which, at times, is double that many hours.  

My brother is a farmer too.  He has a little boy that's almost two.  He already has a million toy tractors and surrounds himself with them all the time.  It makes my heart so happy to see how much he loves his daddy.  There are traditions and family values that grow in the south that aren't the same anywhere else.  I'm close to my family and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world.  I love having a mother who works in the garden, cans vegetables, and makes homemade pickles.  She also embodies a southern value that I think is one of the  most important  of all-- kind heartedness.  She will literally do anything for anybody.  I also don't ever have to worry about her judging me because she's just not that kind of person.  Something about her is so comforting-- I know, she's my mom so of course she's comforting to me-- but I don't think I feel like that just because she's my mom.  I think it's just how she is- she's accepting and comforting in this really wonderful way.  

I love being able to go home and catch up with my sister.  I love sitting on the back porch and watching my nephews run around. I love that I know every word to every George Jones song because I have heard them over and over ever since I can remember.  I love the sight of a cotton field that is ready to be picked.  I love southern hospitality and the manners that I have because of where I am from and the family that raised me.

I got this dress in New Orleans at a boutique called Hemline. I knew I had to have it when I saw it! I almost wore it in our engagement pictures because it's the perfect dress for wheat field pictures. I love anything that looks bohemian and is inspired by the 60's. I had to go snap a few pictures in it before we came back.  The wheat fields are indescribably beautiful.. One of those things you look at and know that God exists and that he loves us. 

I'm looking forward to moving somewhere new with Adam as we start our lives together.  I am excited about possibly being somewhere that my career in fashion can grow and flourish.  I know as we start our own small family, wherever we are together will be our home.   I hope wherever we end up-- our kids learn the same values and appreciate the quiet and the beauty of the south as much as I do.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I originally ordered this tulle skirt to wear in our engagement pictures.  I decided not too.. simply because it didn't end up working with the look we were going for.  I did run around in it for a little while on Sunday though.  Tulle is so whimsical.  Not to mention, it was a GORGEOUS day.  

I'm really looking forward to playing with this skirt and seeing what all I can do with it.  I know I will dress it down with graphic tees for work.  I do love it with just a simple top too.  This skirt is special enough to stand on it's own!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mississippi Mud

SO.. I am finally getting around to wearing my new military vest! This is an army jacket from the thrift store that I ripped the sleeves off of.  I mentioned it in a previous post-- I got the patches for my DIY military tank from the sleeves of this jacket.    I love that this vest if really over sized and toughens up anything I put with it.  I will definitely be wearing it with really girly pieces, like lace dresses.  

Happy Friday!!!! Our engagement pictures are this Saturday so I EXTRA pumped about this particular weekend!  I'll post some sneak peeks at the end of the weekend!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Days Like This

Adam and I snapped a few pictures this past weekend after church and Sunday lunch.  There is nothing like being with the one you love on a relaxing, sunny Sunday.  I also love the promise of a brand new week beginning.  This week I'll work out more, read more, gossip less, stay calm and push away stress. Whatever your promises, they offer some sense of release from the last weeks slip ups or hardships.  Here's hoping for a summer full of beautiful Sundays just like this.  

Thrift Store Finds

I usually go to the thrift store once a week.  It's important to go on a regular basis to make sure you don't miss any of the good stuff! Here are a few of the treasures that I found today.

These large plates were 75 cents a piece.  I love them and I'm 99.9% sure Adam will love them too(can't ever be positive).  Anything tribal and I'm usually pretty much in.  These will go in our new house.

I am planning on cutting both of these little plaid tops into crop tops.  They have buttons all the way down the back and were $2.  Will be wearing these this summer with high waisted shorts and high waisted skinnies.

This floral vest caught my eye.  I am planning to take the sleeves off and wear it as a long vest with shorts this summer.  I will post a DIY when I find the time to get this done.

I am a total sucker for a vintage belt.  THE STRIPE ONE IS FANTASTIC! I like the other one too.. I can't wait to wear these.  Belts are a great way to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe.  A patterned one can make an outfit so much more interesting.

I found lots of good high waisted jeans/shorts to cut off.  I only have one pair of cutoffs that fit so I needed to get some.  I pretty much live in these in summer.  I will post some before and afters of these soon.  I also got just a plain wooden frame.  I needed one more for the chalkboard cluster I am making for the new house.  Details to come on that too!

The candle holders, books, and white bowl are things I am collecting for our wedding next year.  The colors of the books were perfect!!!! I need to find more white ones, though.  That's my goal for the next thrift trip.

 I am excited about this plate.  I certainly had to wash it... but it's worth it! I am going to add it to my collection for the dining room wall in the new house.  Now I have to find some plate holders.

I found some overalls!! They are extremely hard to find around here.  I will post some pictures of how they turn out.  I am going to alter them in some way-- probably involving bleach.

I thought I would share some other items I have collected for the wedding thus far (these are all vintage/thrifted items):

Vintage hankies, piles of doilies, LOTS of vintage lace, teacups and saucers, bronze candleholders and goblets and tons of books-- I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Wars

This is my perfect idea of a good... laid back... it's the weekend kind of look..  This skirt was a thrift store find.  I considered cutting it off to make it a short skirt but decided to keep it long.  At least for the first couple of wears... I can always do it later.

Skirt, watch and belt: vintage.  Coke t shirt: Forever 21. Shoes: Mia from Urban Outfitters  Hat: Urban Outfitters

Friday, May 17, 2013

Apartment Love

I think what someone's living space looks like says a lot about them.  SO.. I decided that I should share some of my favorite things about my cozy nest.  (and by cozy I mean tiny).  It's taken me a while to collect all sorts of quirky little knick knacks.  I look forward to finding more-- it's like a treasure hunt that never ends!  Here are some of my favorites:

My window garden is probably my favorite spot in my little nest.  I will post more about my plant babies later I'm sure.  I love my vintage fan too.  I was told that it still works but I have been too scared to plug it in.   That just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me.  

Next up is my FAVORITE pillow.  My fiance and I are about to move into our first home together and we are at odds about some of my vintage items.  Don't get me wrong, he has an appreciation for things with history and character just like I do, but his appreciation doesn't go quiiitee as far as mine.  This pillow was non negotiable for me. IT'S STAYING.  Anyways, I found it at a thrift store. It has a huge rip in the back. I was going to repair it. That was over a year ago.  It will probably STILL have a rip in 5 years. But no one ever sees the back of the pillow.  You have to pick your battles. That's not one of mine.   Also, I love my stack of vintage plates that are waiting to be hung in a nice little cluster on the kitchen wall in our new house!!

I am extremely lucky to have talented people in my family.  My grandmother hand painted this box for my mom. It's extremely precious to me.  I keep my jewelry in it.  Not only does it have sentimental value, it just looks really cool.

This little vintage bird I found at a shop in my hometown.  I just love him.  He's so happy.   I also have quotes all over the place.  They make me feel good.

So the grandmother that I spoke of above.. this is a picture of her.  I know... talented AND beautiful.  Life can be unfair sometimes.  I love this picture... it's a good depiction of how fabulous she was.   This chair is my favorite piece of furniture.  Another non negotiable item for the new house.  I got it a long time ago from Libby Story and I love it now just as much as the day I bought it.

Other little things around the apartment... some cool bookends that I picked up on me and Adam's cruise.  Dreamcatchers, feathers, more quotes... all things I love.  Gotta surround yourself with things you enjoy! I look forward to moving into our new house and combining the things that both I and Adam love.  I'm sure there will be a DIY project or twenty to post during the process!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mink Pink Magic

The skirt I am wearing today is from Mink Pink.  It's rare that I find something by them that I don't like.   The prints that they come out with are always fantastic.  This skirt really flows out when you walk around. I love things that have good movement.  Since the leopard on the skirt is a smaller print, I decided to mix it with this striped bodysuit to add some interest. 

Vintage items for today are my necklace and belt.  The necklace is a gold chain coin necklace.  I have worn it SO much in the last couple of years.  It's one of those necklaces that you just put on with everything.  The belt has definitely seen better days but I love the buckle on it so much that I can't seem to part with it.

OK, so the shoes aren't vintage.  But I had to spotlight them because the details on them are so great.  The heel on them makes them really different- but that's not my favorite part.  I love the faded, worn look to them.  The shape makes me pretty happy too.

Skirt: Mink Pink from Libby Story  Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters  Shoes: Cheap Monday from Urban Outfitters  Hat: Urban Outfitters  Belt: Vintage Necklace: Vintage

Have fun with today.. wherever it takes you!